A2 Dedicated Hosting Review

A2 Hosting has made its name by offering fast, high-quality dedicated server hosting that outpaces shared hosting options. Through the implementation of numerous speed-enhancing technologies and a suite of robust server components, A2 Hosting works to ensure optimum performance for your website. This review will delve into the features, benefits, and limitations of A2 Hosting's dedicated server packages.

Pricing and Plans

A2 Hosting's dedicated server hosting commences at $99.59 per month for the Unmanaged Flex Server, increasing to $140 and $141.09 for the Managed Flex Server and Core Flex Server respectively. While the prices are comparatively high, the features provided substantiate the cost.

Speed Enhancing Technologies

A2 Hosting's managed server plans incorporate a variety of technologies aimed at accelerating your website. PHP processing speed may be boosted by 50% thanks to OPcache and APC, while Memcached stores key MySQL data in RAM for rapid retrieval. SPDY and HTTP/2 expedite page loads, and support for technologies like edge side includes and websockets facilitate more precise site optimizations.

Cloudflare's free CDN and Railgun Optimizer are included in A2 Hosting plans, providing an average 200% performance increase through efficient compression. The actual boost may vary depending on your site, but the feature is undoubtedly a beneficial addition.

Storage and Add-ons

Performance-boosting add-ons include RAID 1 SSD storage of up to 2 x 1TB, with Turbo Boost available in higher-tier plans starting from $279.99 a month. Turbo Boost replaces Apache with the LiteSpeed server, purportedly delivering up to 20x faster page loads. Additional add-ons allow for caching of HTML content, enabling speedy page reloads without running PHP. In addition, the inclusion of cPanel, often a chargeable extra with other hosts, is a welcome inclusion.

Geographical Flexibility

A2 Hosting operates data centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia, providing ample geographical flexibility for businesses operating in different regions.


A2 Hosting's dedicated server hosting does have a few drawbacks. The relatively high prices may be prohibitive for some users, and the absence of a free domain is a notable omission compared to other providers.

  • Speed: A2 Hosting emphasizes on providing fast server speeds.
  • Customer service: They offer reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable support.
  • Free migration: A2 Hosting will help you migrate your existing site for free.
  • High renewal rates: The renewal prices after the first term can be quite steep.
  • Extra costs for full management: Their lowest cost dedicated hosting is semi-managed. Full management comes with extra costs.


A2 Hosting's dedicated server hosting offers a compelling blend of speed-enhancing technologies and high-performance components. Despite the higher pricing and absence of a free domain, the array of features, coupled with geographical flexibility and impressive performance, make it a formidable choice for those seeking a superior dedicated hosting experience. If speed and performance are your primary concerns, A2 Hosting should be on your shortlist.

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