HostGator VPS Hosting Review

HostGator, a trusted name in the hosting industry, provides an array of hosting services, including VPS hosting. Known for competitive pricing and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, HostGator's VPS hosting is a viable solution for websites seeking more power, control, and scalability. This review delves deep into its VPS offerings, features, and benefits.

Pricing and Plans

HostGator offers three VPS hosting plans – Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000. The plans are very affordable, particularly if you commit to a longer-term contract. The Snappy 2000 costs $29.95 monthly, but a three-year commitment brings it down to $19.95 monthly. It includes 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 120GB of disk space.

The Snappy 4000 and 8000 plans offer increased resources at 4GB and 8GB RAM, 2 and 4 CPU cores, and 165GB and 240GB of disk space, respectively. These packages can handle more demanding websites without the need for dedicated servers.

Key Features

HostGator's VPS plans come packed with features. One standout benefit is unmetered bandwidth, ideal for websites with high traffic volumes. You also get a $200 search credit, which can be a significant boost for your website's visibility in search engine results.

All plans come with a flexible software options and full root access, meaning you can install advanced software and fully customize virtually anything according to your needs.

Support and Reliability

HostGator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website is reliably accessible. In terms of support, HostGator shines with 24/7/365 server monitoring, premium support via phone and live chat, and a robust knowledge base.


Performance is critical for any website, and HostGator generally offers robust loading speeds. While they only have US-based data centers, the performance is fairly consistent, making their VPS hosting a good choice for businesses targeting a global audience.

Limitations: One downside is that HostGator's 99.9% uptime guarantee does not extend to their VPS hosting plans. Furthermore, the lack of data centers outside the US could potentially affect load times for international users.

  • Scalable plans: With three different plans to choose from, you can easily scale your hosting as your business grows.
  • Full Root Access: This feature offers greater control over your server environment.
  • Free website migration: HostGator's team will help you move your existing website over to their service for free.
  • Cost: Compared to other VPS hosting providers, HostGator's prices are on the higher side.
  • Limited server locations: They have only two server locations, both in the United States.


HostGator's VPS hosting is a flexible and scalable solution, well-suited for businesses ready to upgrade from shared hosting. While there are a few limitations, its budget-friendly pricing structure, generous resource allocations, and excellent customer support make it a strong choice for VPS hosting. With the added benefits like unmetered bandwidth and a 45-day money-back guarantee, HostGator VPS hosting is a value-packed offering that can support your business as it grows.

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