InMotion VPS Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting is a well-known player in the hosting arena, particularly for its speed and adaptability. With its user-friendly VPS hosting offerings, it caters to both beginners and large businesses alike. This review seeks to detail InMotion Hosting's VPS services, focusing on hardware, resources, unique features, and potential drawbacks.

Pricing and Plans

InMotion offers enticing plans, starting with the baseline VPS 2GB plan. Available at a special 6-month term price of $17.99 per month, this plan boasts specifications better than some high-end offerings from other providers. These include 2GB RAM, 45GB SSD storage, 4TB bandwidth, and a dedicated IP. Significantly, cPanel and backups are included free of charge, and InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, indicating strong confidence in its services. Their recent refresh has brought dedicated CPU cores to their VPS plans, offering two full CPU cores for the 2GB VPS, with options extending up to 14 cores.

Key Features

One of InMotion Hosting's standout features is ‘Launch Assist', which grants you two hours of free access to a server administrator's expertise. Whether you need assistance with domain settings, cPanel configuration, WordPress migration, or database file management, you're covered. This assistance is a substantial benefit, particularly for beginners who may need a helping hand.

Support and Reliability

InMotion Hosting guarantees solid and dependable performance, backed by robust hardware and generous resource allocations. The inclusion of backups and cPanel, often additional costs elsewhere, affirms InMotion's commitment to delivering comprehensive, user-friendly solutions.


The primary drawback is the potential awkwardness of the AMP web dashboard. Some users may find it challenging to navigate, which could negatively affect their overall experience.

  • Free backups: InMotion offers free automated backups, an essential feature for business continuity.
  • Great customer service: Their support team is reliable and provides assistance 24/7.
  • Unlocked CPU Cores: This feature allows for faster data processing.
  • Limited disk space: Their entry-level plan offers less disk space compared to some competitors.
  • No Windows hosting: InMotion only offers Linux-based VPS hosting, which might not be suitable for all users.


InMotion Hosting offers a compelling set of VPS hosting plans that focus on user-friendliness, resources, and support. Despite the slight learning curve associated with its AMP web dashboard, InMotion remains a top choice for businesses seeking speed and adaptability. The included features, coupled with a fair pricing model and excellent customer support, make InMotion Hosting a VPS provider well worth considering.

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