iPage Shared Hosting Review

For those looking for an affordable web hosting service capable of handling multiple websites, iPage's shared web hosting offerings are worth considering. Despite its low pricing structure, iPage manages to provide an array of robust features, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget or beginners exploring web hosting basics. Here's our comprehensive review.

Pricing and Plans

iPage offers a simplified pricing model with a basic shared hosting plan starting as low as $1.99 per month (at the time of writing). This single-plan model simplifies the selection process and is ideal for those seeking straightforward hosting solutions. However, note that iPage doesn't provide monthly billing options for some plans.

Key Features

iPage's shared hosting plan boasts unlimited web space, bandwidth, email addresses, MySQL databases, and even domains. This is a significant draw for users intending to host multiple sites or those who anticipate high growth in the future.

In addition to these features, iPage also offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder and a shared SSL certificate at no extra cost. These features, combined with their 24/7 telephone and live chat support, offer a balanced mix of usability, security, and assistance.


While iPage provides an impressive range of features at a minimal cost, it's not without its shortcomings. For instance, there's no backup included in the plan, which might necessitate third-party backup solutions for safety-conscious users.

iPage's hosting management tools aren't the most robust, and the interface, though simple, can feel awkward and lacks certain features. There's no free migration service, which can be a downside for those looking to transfer an existing website.

Moreover, iPage's data centers are based solely in the US, which may impact site loading speeds for visitors outside this region. Also, some products seem underpowered, and the performance might not meet the requirements of high-traffic sites or larger businesses.


iPage's shared web hosting services offer great value for the price, particularly for individuals or small businesses requiring hosting for multiple sites. However, the service might fall short for larger businesses or high-traffic websites, as it lacks the speed and reliability necessary for heavy-duty projects.

Despite a few limitations, iPage's unlimited resources, user-friendly website builder, and robust support make it a viable option for those looking for an affordable and uncomplicated web hosting solution.

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