Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting Review

Liquid Web is renowned for its premium business hosting products, encompassing managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans, VPS, dedicated servers, and private clouds. Its dedicated server hosting services, while more costly than many budget alternatives, deliver superior specifications and performance, justifying the investment. This review will discuss the features, advantages, and limitations of Liquid Web's dedicated hosting.

Price and Specifications

Liquid Web's dedicated hosting commences at $199 a month, reduced to $169 with annual billing. While this might seem steep, the plan includes two fast 240GB SSD drives and a 1TB SATA backup drive, facilitating regular, convenient backups. Given the high-performance hardware incorporated, the pricing is justified.

Additional Features

The basic dedicated server plan includes a dedicated IP and Cloudflare CDN support, intended to enhance your website speeds. Servers can be located in one of three data centers in Arizona, Michigan, or the Netherlands, offering geographical flexibility.

Professional Support and Management

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Liquid Web's dedicated hosting is the comprehensive management by their professional support team. This team actively monitors system health, responds to notifications (like restarting a failed service), and takes care of the operating system's installation and updates. Support is available around the clock, 365 days a year. The company promises a 59-second response time via phone or chat and a 30-minute response time for tickets and emails.

Scalability and Add-ons

Liquid Web's hosting service provides an array of optional add-ons, such as load balancers, firewalls, and VPN, catering to diverse requirements. The service offers significant power and flexibility, enabling it to serve almost any purpose.


Despite its strengths, Liquid Web's dedicated hosting comes with a few limitations. The high entry price point could deter some potential users, and there's no free trial to test out the service.

  • High-quality servers: They provide high-performance servers with SSD storage.
  • Fully managed: Their team takes care of server updates, security, and backups.
  • Exceptional support: Known as ‘Heroic Support', their customer service is responsive and reliable.
  • Expensive: Liquid Web's hosting services are more expensive than many of its competitors.
  • No shared hosting: Liquid Web focuses on high-end hosting solutions, which may not be ideal for smaller businesses or startups.


Liquid Web's dedicated server hosting stands out in the market, providing robust and scalable solutions for demanding users. Despite the higher prices, the value is reflected in the top-tier hardware, outstanding support, and an array of features. If you're seeking a dedicated server hosting service that delivers performance, security, and exceptional support, Liquid Web presents a worthy choice.

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